Mazda Front Bumper Spring

Mazda Front Bumper Spring

Mazda Front Bumper Spring BP4K34111C,Fit for MAZDA 5 CR 2005-2010

Product Details

Technical Details of Mazda Front Bumper Spring

OEM: BP4K34111C

Weight: 56g

Length: 62mm

Outer diameter: φ64mm

Inner diameter: φ33.5mm

Material Type: PU

Color: White

External Testing Certification:ISO9001


Features of Mazda Front Bumper Spring

1. According to the original factory specifications.

2. Perfect match for the original car.

3. Easy installation.

4. Stable characteristics, high reliability.




Our Advantages

1. Use an expensive heat treatment processs that improves metal strength.

2. Uses only the best high-carbon steel.

3. Use a higher level of polish to allow the bearings to roll smoother and last longer.

4. The synthetic lubricant used is 10x as expensive as their competitors, and lasts 3x as long.

5. The boot material used by Huipu is made of synthetic caoutchouc rubber which can withstand temperatures of negative 40 degrees Fahrenheit and postive 140 degrees Fahrenheit.



This fits the following cars: MAZDA 3 BK 2003-2008, FORD C-MAX CAP 2003-2007, MAZDA BIANTE CCEFW 2008-, MAZDA PREMACY CREW/CR3W 2005-2010, MAZDA AXELA 2003-2009, FORD FOCUS CB4 2008-2011, FORD FOCUS II 2004-2008, MAZDA 5 CR 2005-2010. The compatible part numbers for this part are: BP4K-34-111C, 4SEASONS53254, 192020N, 303742, KDSC008, 9252, 1449757, 4SEASONS53254, 192020N, 303742, KDSC008, 925200, 1354110, 1449757, BP4K34111C

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