Rear Bumper Spring for Honda

52722-SM4-013 Rear Bumper Spring For Honda

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Product Description

This is a 52722-SM4-013 Rear Bumper Spring For Honda. This fits the following cars: HONDA ACCORD CB1/CB3/CB7 1990-1993, HONDA ACCORD CC/CD/CE 1994-1998, HONDA STEP WGN RF1/RF2 1996-2001, HONDA STEP WGN RF3-RF8 2001-2005, HONDA S-MX RH1/RH2 1996-2002, HONDA PRELUDE BA8/BA9/BB1/BB4 1991-1996, HONDA SABER UA4/UA5 1998-2003, HONDA ASCOT CB3/CB4 1989-1993, HONDA ACCORD CF3/CF4/CF5/CL1/CL3 1998-2002, HONDA INSPIRE UA4/UA5 1998-2003, HONDA VIGOR CB5/CC2/CC3 1989-1995, HONDA AVANCIER TA1/TA2/TA3/TA4 1999-2003, HONDA INSPIRE CC2/CC3 1992-1995, HONDA RAFAGA CE4/CE5 1993-1997, HONDA ASCOT CE4/CE5 1993-1997, HONDA SABER UA1/UA2/UA3 1995-1998, MAZDA CX-7 ER 2006-, HONDA TORNEO CF3/CF4/CF5/CL1/CL3 1997-2002, HONDA ODYSSEY/SHUTTLE I (LHD) 1995-1999, HONDA ODYSSEY I (RHD) RA1/RA2/RA3/RA4/RA5 1994-1999, HONDA ODYSSEY II (RHD) RA6/RA7/RA8/RA9 1999-2003.


OEM: 52722-SM4-013

Weight: 47g

Length: 102mm

Outer diameter: φ46mm

Inner diameter: φ12mm

Material Type: PU

Color: yellow

Compatible With Vehicle Brands/Model: For HONDA ACCORD [94-98]

External Testing Certification:ISO9001


What's Included With Service

Verifying product compatibility with vehicle

Removing existing bumper

Drilling holes as needed and mounting customer-supplied bumper

Shaving or filing as needed

Customer must supply all mounting hardware


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