Application characteristics of rear bumper spring for VW

- Oct 11, 2018-

The rear bumper spring for VW can play a certain buffering role. Specifically, the spring buffer bumper is fixed to the vehicle body through the tail section buffer cylinder. The stiffness coefficient of the buffer spring of the inner cavity of each section of the buffer cylinder is gradually enlarged. The buffer springs with different stiffness coefficients have different sensitivity to the force, and when the bar is subjected to strong pressure, the impulse is small.


The Volkswagen rear bumper spring has these obvious effects: when the bumper's lever collides with the object, the lever pushes the return lever, thereby compressing the buffer spring in the buffer cylinder, which plays a good buffering effect, so that the vehicle does not hit. Under strong earthquakes, under the condition of 50-80 km without overloading, the strong pressure impulse of 50%-70% can be weakened, which makes the big accident become a small accident, and the small accident is the vehicle intact, and at the same time, the passengers are guaranteed. life safety.


Moreover, the cushioning mass rear bumper spring, which includes two symmetrical distributed return levers, enables the outer surface of the bar to better ensure the integrity of the vehicle regardless of the force in any direction.