Audi VW rear shock bump stop effect

- Sep 06, 2018-

Audi VW rear shock bump stop is installed in such a way that the diameter of the inner hole is smaller than the diameter of the piston rod of the shock absorber. The interference fit of the part is used to mount the cushion block on the rear shock absorber. In the structure of the vehicle, the shock absorber moves up and down, and the buffer block and the shock absorber piston rod are rubbed, and the lubricating oil needs to be applied for lubrication.


Audi's rear shock absorbers not only significantly reduce the vibration of the car body, improve the driving comfort, greatly reduce the road and vibration noise, drive comfort and comfort; and increase the chassis, reduce the collapse of the car body, prevent the chassis from hanging . It suppresses the roll and the tail and shortens the braking distance; thus effectively solving the problem of weak and hard springs and improving the damping performance of the original car. Protects the shock absorber, ball head and suspension system, saving maintenance costs and extending the life of the brake pads.


Audi VW rear shock bump stop adopts the buffer principle, the shock absorption performance is obviously improved, and the comfort is felt; the shock absorber and the suspension system are protected, and the oil seal of the shock absorber core is avoided; the test result can extend the life of the shock absorber by more than 2 times. Reduce the noise during driving; make the car body rise 3-5cm, restore the original height of the car body, improve the stability when passing the deceleration path; shorten the braking distance and improve safety.