Auto rubber buffer for GM have high load carrying capacity and can reduce noise

- Dec 13, 2018-

Auto rubber buffer for GM need to be clear when using them. Buffer rubber is not a silencer. It is not like “reducing 80% noise” and “reducing 40% noise” as some businesses advertise. Not scientific and not comprehensive. However, it is important to agree that buffer rubber does reduce noise to a certain extent (as the case may be).
For example, when some vehicles are carrying heavy loads or driving rough terrain, the frictional collision sounds often occur in the suspension system and the surrounding position. When the buffer rubber is installed, such problems are solved and some noise around the surroundings is relatively absorbed. Or more simply, since the cushioning rubber improves the smoothness and comfort during driving, some of the original related noise will naturally be slightly reduced.
GM rubber bumper to increase load
When the car is loaded with heavy cargo, the car body is lowered very low (the spring is compressed), and even when the speed bump is over, it must be cautious; when the buffer rubber is installed, the cushion rubber plays a supporting and relieving role in the middle of the spring. When the same weight of goods is loaded, the car body will not be pressed so low (hard rubber blocks are blocked in the middle of the suspension spring, the spring spacing is more obvious), in other words, the load capacity can be limitedly increased before the buffer rubber is damaged.