Auto Rubber Buffer For Honda Quality Assurance Measures

- Aug 13, 2018-

When producing auto rubber buffer for honda products, it is not only required to strictly follow the design requirements, but also requires strict control and management in terms of material selection and production conditions. Rubber is a hot-melt thermosetting elastomer, and plastic is hot-melt and cold-set. Because rubber has a certain temperature difference in curing temperature during molding, it is susceptible to external factors.


Therefore, during the production period of auto rubber buffer for honda products, the production conditions should be adjusted according to the actual situation to avoid the difference in product quality. In fact, in the rubber mixing process, it is also necessary to design a formula according to the characteristics of the desired rubber product, and set the required product hardness. The product is molded and molded by a rubber flat vulcanizing machine.


In addition to the above requirements, after the auto rubber buffer for honda product is molded, it is also required to perform flash processing to smooth the surface of the product without burrs. The processing technology of Honda's rubber buffer block products is made into semi-finished products through various process means, and then various compounding agents are added, and then the semi-finished products with plasticity are turned into rubber products with high elasticity and good physical and mechanical properties by vulcanization.