Auto Rubber Buffer For Volkswagen and vulcanization process

- Dec 06, 2018-

Volkswagen rubber bumpers are not easily restored to their original state when they are deformed, and rubber is relatively easy. The elasticity of the plastic is very small, usually less than 100%, and the rubber can reach 1000% or more. The molding process is completed after the molding process is completed, and the vulcanization process is required after the rubber molding process is completed.

Volkswagen rubber buffer block professional analysis plastic and rubber belong to the same polymer material, mainly composed of carbon and hydrogen atoms, and some contain a small amount of oxygen, nitrogen, chlorine, silicon, fluorine, sulfur and other atoms, its performance is special, use Also special. At room temperature, the plastic is solid, very hard and cannot be stretched and deformed. The hardness of the rubber is not high, it is elastic, it can be stretched and lengthened, and the stretching can be restored to its original state. This is due to their different molecular structures. Another difference is that plastic can be recycled and reused multiple times, while rubber can not be recycled directly. It can only be processed into reclaimed rubber before it is available.

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