Buffer effect of rear bumper spring for BMW

- Sep 18, 2018-

With the gradual improvement of people's lives, cars have gradually gained popularity. At the same time, traffic accidents are also on the rise. How to avoid traffic accidents or minimize the impact in the event of an accident to reduce damage is an important issue. At present, the rear bumper spring for BMW has a certain buffering effect, which can reduce the impact force when the vehicle collides.


At the same time, this provides a better safety protection for the people on the vehicle and can reduce the damage of the vehicle. In the structure, there is a movable plate with a plurality of vertical guide rods fixedly disposed on the inner side, and a fixed plate with a guide rod insertion hole is disposed on the movable plate, on the guide rod between the movable plate and the fixed plate The spring is worn, and a lock nut is disposed at the inner end of the guide plate at the inner side of the fixed plate.


That is to say, when designing and manufacturing the automobile bumper parts, the buffer spring structure of the BMW rear bumper spring is specially configured to cushion the impact force, so that it has more performance than the rigid structure bumper. Good protection effect.