Bumper action

- Jul 17, 2018-

Car bumpers (anti-collision beams), located in most areas in front of and behind the car, are designed to prevent the impact of external damage on the vehicle's safety system. They have the ability to reduce the risk of occupants during high-speed impact. More and more are now being designed for pedestrian protection.

First, use the corner indicator column to determine the position of the bumper

The mark on the corner of the bumper is the indicator column, and some companies have the type of automatic expansion and contraction with the motor drive. This kind of corner indicating column can correctly confirm the position of the bumper corner, prevent the damage of the bumper, improve the driving technique, and often easily scratch the bumper. It is best to put a try. With this corner marking column, the position of the bumper can be correctly judged in the driver's seat, which is very convenient.

Second, the installation of corner rubber can reduce the damage of the bumper

The corner of the bumper is the most vulnerable part of the car's outer casing. People who have a bad driving experience can easily rub the corners and make them full of scars. The corner rubber can be protected from this part, just stick it on the corner of the bumper and it is very simple to install. This method can reduce the degree of damage to the bumper. Of course, if the rubber is bruised, it can be replaced with a new one. In addition, the corner rubber is a thick rubber pad that is attached to the corner of the bumper. If you want to have a sense of integrity with the body, you can spray the paint.