Cold forming process and lever principle of rear bumper spring for VW

- Jun 04, 2019-

The rear bumper spring for VW can be used for one-time automation of the cold forming process during the operation, and can be formed at one time in the 8-claw forming machine. The development direction of the forming process equipment and the improvement of the forming speed, the main development trend is to improve the forming speed of the equipment, that is, the consumption efficiency, and improve the durability of the equipment by improving the fineness of the equipment parts and enhancing the heat treatment effect.


The Volkswagen rear bumper spring adds length sensor and laser range finder during operation, and stops the automatic closed-loop control manufacturing process for the CNC forming machine. The scope of the cold forming process is sufficient. The large-diameter spring coil spring machine has a maximum size of 20mm, =2000MPa, and the cold forming process of variable diameter or equal-diameter springs and eccentric springs has limitations.


The Volkswagen rear bumper spring uses the principle of the lever to make it have great mechanical energy by twisting or rotating the elastic material with soft material and high toughness. It is a spring that is subjected to torsional deformation, and its working part is also surrounded by circles or surrounded or separated. The end structure of the torsion spring is a torsion arm machined into various shapes, from single twist to double twist, and even deformation of various torsion bars, which can be formed according to design. Torsion springs are commonly used in balancing mechanisms in machinery and are widely used in industrial production such as automobiles, machine tools, and electrical appliances.