Compressive performance and installation requirements for Honda Rear Bumper Spring

- Mar 28, 2019-

The Honda Rear Bumper Spring will be applied to the shock absorber. At this time, we actually need to actually understand its compression performance. For the damper with a coil spring for passenger cars, the Honda rear bumper spring on the top of the car will actually start the first stage of damping, so that if it is seen by itself, it will play a role. It is very good to prevent the external impact from directly acting on the damper. This amount can extend the life of the damper.


When installing and replacing the Honda rear bumper spring, refer to the instruction manual and the icon; then, it should not be tilted for placement; there should be a certain space around, so that, to a large extent, it is actually The construction of the collision occurred and its extrusion; the Honda rear bumper spring was stored at room temperature and placed in a ventilated or dry place.


If the polyurethane on the Honda rear bumper spring is cracked or peeled off, it should be noted that it should be replaced in time. Then, when it comes to the role of Honda's rear bumper spring, it is actually more suitable for metallurgy, mining or railways, ports, and its ships, cars and scales.