Correct understanding of shock absorber bumper Toyota

- Jun 13, 2019-

The shock absorber bumper Toyota is a car-modified accessory that is used to mount the coil spring of the car suspension system, mainly to cushion the shock absorber and protect the shock absorber. If it is a weak Toyota shock absorber bumper, the body will drop very low whenever pressure is applied. The rubber cushion can be used to support and relieve the pressure. This can be understood as the height of the car. . Usually 0.2-0.3 cm or more, depending on the spring spacing and the degree of spring weakness.


However, if it is a new spring, it is normal and impossible to raise the height of the vehicle, unless the size of the buffer block installed is larger than the spring spacing, and a certain spring is forcibly jacked up by the Toyota shock absorber bumper. It is not correct. Therefore, be sure to select the bumper model that matches the spring spacing.


The Toyota shock absorber bumper is not a silencer. Although it can reduce the noise to a certain extent and improve the smoothness and comfort during driving, the original related noise will naturally be slightly reduced. When the car is loaded with heavier cargo, the car body is lowered very low (and even the speed bumps must be carefully watched.


When the Toyota shock absorber bumper is installed, the cushioning rubber supports and relieves in the middle of the spring. When the same weight of cargo is loaded, the car body will not be pressed so low. In other words, the Toyota shock absorber bumper is not damaged. It can be limited to increase the carrying capacity before.