Design requirements and application of front strut bump stop

- Nov 15, 2018-

The front pillar collision stop is a component of modern cars, and its main function is to absorb the impact load and reduce the impact of the vehicle. Some basic conditions need to be met during the design of the front pillar collision stop, as follows:


First of all, the spring does not appear "closed" during use, and the shock absorber piston does not hit the bottom of the cylinder. Secondly, there is no obvious "impact" in the process of deformation.


At present, the front strut bump stop mainly includes two types of products, one is a rubber buffer block, and the other is a porous buffer block made of polyurethane material. The former has a compressive deformation of about 50% of the self-use height, and the porous buffer block made of polyurethane material has a compressive deformation amount of up to 75% of the self-use height.


In short, the front strut bump stop solves the problem of the shock absorber spring weakness in the application, so that it can restore the shock absorption performance; and protect the shock absorber and the suspension system, avoid the oil seal leakage of the shock absorber core, and reduce the driving. The noise in the middle.