Design requirements and characteristics of rear shocks stop

- Nov 26, 2018-

The output of the rear shock stop gate is an inverter, and its output drive capability is determined only by the characteristics of the tube of the output stage. It is independent of the logic state of each input when in use, without The gate of the buffer has an output drive capability that is related to the input state.

The transition characteristic of the gate of the rear shocks stop band buffer is at least the result of multiplication by the 3-stage transfer characteristic, so the conversion area is narrow, the shape is close to the ideal rectangle, and does not change with the number of input terminals, and the buffer gate is added. The circuit, anti-interference performance increases the power supply voltage by 10%. In addition, the gate circuit with buffer has the advantages of symmetrical output waveform, large AC voltage gain, narrow bandwidth and relatively small input capacitance.

The rear shocks stops in the design of the cpu. Under normal circumstances, the DC load capacity of the output line can drive a TTL load. In the connection, an address line or data line of the CPU may connect multiple memory chips, but the memory The chips are all MOS circuits, mainly capacitive loads, and the DC load is much smaller than the TTL load. Therefore, in a small system, the CPU can be directly connected to the memory, and a buffer is required in a large system.