Design requirements and comfort of rear bumper spring for VW

- Feb 04, 2019-

The compression type rear bumper spring for VW is a coil spring that is subjected to axial pressure when it is used. The material used in the material is mostly circular in cross section, and is also used for rolling rectangular and multi-strand steel, and the spring is generally equidistant. The shape of the compression spring is: cylindrical, conical, convex and concave, and a small amount of non-circular, etc., there is a certain gap between the ring of the compression spring and the ring, when subjected to external load Shrinkage deformation, storage deformation energy.

The progressive rear bumper spring for VW adopts a design with inconsistent thickness and density. The advantage is that when the pressure is not large, the undulation of the road surface can be absorbed by the part with low elastic modulus to ensure the ride comfort, when the pressure is increased to a certain extent. The latter part of the spring acts to support the body, and the disadvantage of this type of spring is that the handling feel is not direct and the accuracy is poor.

The linear mass rear bumper spring has the same thickness and density from top to bottom, and the elastic coefficient is a fixed value. The spring of this design can make the vehicle obtain a more stable and linear dynamic response, which is beneficial for the driver to better control the vehicle, and is often used for performance-oriented modified cars and competitive vehicles. Of course, the disadvantage is affected by the comfort.