Different molding processes and vulcanization processes for auto rubber buffer For BMW

- Aug 20, 2018-

In the production process of auto rubber buffer For BMW, it is necessary to press a calender or an extruder to make a process with different shapes and different sizes. There are three main methods for forming BMW rubber cushions at present: calendering, extrusion molding and compression molding.


After the shaped article is obtained in a different manner, a vulcanization treatment is also required. The process of converting plastic rubber into elastic rubber is called vulcanization. It is to add a certain amount of vulcanizing agent such as sulfur, vulcanization accelerator, etc. to the semi-finished product of auto rubber buffer For BMW made of raw rubber, which is specified in the vulcanization tank. The heating and heat preservation at the temperature causes the linear molecules of the raw rubber to crosslink each other to form a network structure by forming a "sulfur bridge", thereby making the plastic compound into a vulcanizate having high elasticity.


With the continuous improvement of the technical level of the process, the vulcanization effect of the auto rubber buffer For BMW is getting better and better. In particular, the rapid development of synthetic rubber is now a variety of vulcanizing agents in addition to sulfur, there are organic polysulfides, peroxides, metal oxides and so on.