Front bumper spring for Honda manufacturing method

- Feb 26, 2019-

The car will collide during driving. In order to prevent the car from causing serious damage to the car and passengers, it is necessary to install a bumper to protect the car. The current bumper cannot effectively generate the potential energy generated by the car collision. The speed is dissipated and the protection is poor.
In order to overcome the shortcomings of the existing bumper protection, a front bumper spring for Honda is introduced, which includes a mounting bracket and a bumper. A transition rod and spring, a transition rod and a spring are arranged between the mounting bracket and the bumper. The number is at least two.
When front bumper spring for Honda is in use, the car will collide inward, the bumper will move inward, and the transition bar will be deformed after being subjected to the pressing force, thus eliminating part of the potential energy of the collision, and then the bumper and the mounting bracket. The spring between them continues to eliminate the potential energy, reducing the impact after the collision, and the effect is good.