Front Rubber Buffer Fits Audi integrated systems for high performance and low cost

- Apr 02, 2019-

As a fragile accessory in the process of using the car, the damper directly affects the stability of the car and the life of other parts. In order to adapt to the market demand, car manufacturers are also trying to improve the performance of the shock absorber. Therefore, the Front Rubber Buffer Fits Audi integrated system, and several components are combined with each other to improve the performance and reduce the system cost.


As part of the shock absorber, the front rubber bumper is suitable for Audi to absorb shock and suppress noise, vibration and harshness. When the spring and the shock absorber are quickly compressed, the external impact is prevented from directly acting on the damper. On the other hand, when the car is driving on a road with small pits or pebbles, or when it is fast steering and emergency braking, the front rubber bumper block is suitable for Audi to act as an additional spring to play a cushioning role.


The front rubber bumper is suitable for Audi's thermoplastic polyester elastomer with higher elastic recovery, excellent fatigue resistance and durability, and minimal change in stiffness in the environment of large temperature changes, can replace polyurethane Foam or rubber derived products. With this front rubber bumper for the Audi integrated system, there is no need to install additional energy absorbing bumpers such as rubber rings.