Front Strut Bump Stop performance is excellent and applicable to a wide range of industries

- Mar 21, 2019-

The Front Strut Bump Stop is better than the silicone rubber mold for the performance and finished product performance of the polyurethane buffer block mold. The operation process is relatively simple, the adjustment range is relatively wide, and the price is low. In terms of it, it is a better mold material.


The polyurethane material that the front pillar collides and stops, the material itself will have excellent wear resistance, and it will have better flexural resistance. In this respect, it can resist chemical properties. The small compression set, and the relatively high resilience of the previous strut collision stop are all unmatched by other polymer materials.


When actually used, the front pillar collision stop can be used for different types of automobile van front and rear wrap angles to prevent impact and the like. If it is classified according to the connection method, including stud type, pressure plate type and flange type, respectively, there are dozens of specifications for each series, and in this respect, It can also correspond to different buffer capacities, which can be selected by customers. Non-standard ones can be designed and manufactured separately.