Functional characteristics and functions of auto rubber buffer for Volkswagen

- Aug 07, 2018-

The auto rubber buffer for Volkswagen is a component in the car and the device plays a considerable role. On the one hand, it can extend the replacement cycle of shock absorbing suspension and save money; on the other hand, after using the Volkswagen rubber buffer block, it can effectively improve the comfort of the whole vehicle and improve the balance of the ride.


Not only that, auto rubber buffer for Volkswagen is also environmentally friendly because they reduce noise during driving. Moreover, it can also increase the load of the car and make it more practical. It is safer for the user to use because it can shorten the braking distance to a certain extent. It also helps to maintain vehicle balance and reduce tire wear.


More importantly, the Volkswagen rubber bumper also easily solves the problem of the shock absorber spring weakening, thus ensuring the good performance of the shock absorber; at the same time, it can also protect the shock absorber and suspension system, avoiding the oil seal leakage of the shock absorber core. . In addition, the Volkswagen rubber bumper block is relatively easy to install and does not require loosening any screws on the vehicle.