Honda's front bumper spring maintenance project

- Oct 23, 2018-

During the maintenance of front bumper spring for Honda, in addition to the maintenance of each item according to the first-level technical maintenance, each fuel tank, filter and piping should be cleaned and checked for corrosion and cracking. Yarn head, cloth wipe; clean the torque converter, gearbox, check the wear of the parts, replace the new oil.


At the same time, check the drive shaft bearing, change the direction of the universal joint cross shaft as needed; disassemble, adjust and lubricate the front and rear hubs, and perform half shaft reversing; clean the brakes and adjust the gap between the brake drum and the brake shoes; Clean the steering gear and check the free rotation of the steering wheel.


In addition, front bumper spring for Honda maintenance also needs to disassemble the tire, rust paint for the rim, check the inner and outer tires and the belt, change position and inflate according to the regulations; clean the water tank and oil radiator; check the frame for deformation Check the instrument sensors, fuses and various switches and adjust if necessary.