How to purchase and pay attention to Auto Rubber Buffer For Toyota

- Apr 15, 2019-

Auto Rubber Buffer For Toyota mainly include cushions, cushions, shock absorber top rubber, rubber cushions, etc. How to buy Toyota rubber bumper block


A distinction between Toyota's rubber bumper block: smell


The quality of Toyota rubber cushions is not pungent. Jinshang rubber's insulating rubber mats are made of virgin rubber and contain no secondary rubber, waste rubber, recycled rubber, re-collected plastic and any plastic components. The product does not produce an irritating taste, and the rubber odor can be volatilized under normal ventilation.


The second part of Toyota's rubber buffer block: impurities


Because Toyota rubber cushions do not contain secondary rubber, there are not too many impurities in all products. Use the wallpaper knife to cut the insulating rubber mat to see the cut surface of the rubber mat. There is not too much magazine, and the cut surface of the insulating rubber mat is not touched by fingers. There will be powder.


Three points of Toyota rubber buffer block: elastic


The rubber mat has good physical and mechanical properties and excellent insulation performance. It can work in a dry environment with high air interposability coefficient of -35~+100°C. Strong elasticity, high tensile strength and high surface gloss.


Four Identifications of Toyota Rubber Buffer Blocks: Bubbles


Toyota car rubber buffer block surface bubbles (no more than 5 bubbles per square meter area less than 1cm2, any two bubbles between the distance of not less than 40cmm) edge irregular or spongy part width not more than 10mm, the length does not exceed the total length of the rubber sheet 1 /10, and no cracks are allowed.