Improvement of front bumper spring for VW

- Jun 10, 2019-

The car bumper is a safety device that absorbs and mitigates external impact and protects the front and rear of the car body. The plastic bumper of a general car is composed of an outer plate, a cushioning material and a beam. The front bumper spring for VW is also included. The outer plate and the cushioning material are made of plastic, and the beam is punched with a cold-rolled sheet into a U-shaped groove; the outer plate and the cushioning material are attached to the beam.


The connection between the conventional front bumper fittings is designed to maintain the aesthetics. The two ends of the outer panel are engaged with the frame, and the middle portion of the outer panel is snapped onto the surface of the beam. This connection is beautiful. When the car is in the process of running, when the long-distance bumps are encountered, the connection of the outer plate is prone to loosening, which will cause cracks between the outer plate and the frame, which greatly affects the appearance, and the traditional outer plate is disassembled and installed. not convenient.


To this end, the assembly structure of the Volkswagen front bumper spring has been improved, through the set of outer plates, beams, first grooves, second grooves, telescopic rods, limit plates, push plates, long strips, The connecting plate, the first spring, the first screw and the second screw can quickly install the outer plate and the cross beam, which is convenient to install and disassemble, and can prevent the outer plate from loosening, causing cracks on the surface of the automobile, affecting the appearance, and The operation is simple, the production cost is low, the economy is high, and it is suitable for large-scale promotion.