Installation method of automobile buffer block

- Jun 30, 2020-

⒈ Must be installed at the 4S shop. Before installation, stop the car on a flat ground, and prepare buffer blocks, jacks (if it is more convenient to mount on the rack), soapy water (also can be replaced with detergent dilution water);
⒉ Use a jack to lift the body of the installation site (or the upper frame to lift the vehicle), the spring is stretched to facilitate installation. You can fully see the shock spring, there is no need to rise too high;
⒊ Spray soapy water to clean the spring (mainly remove the sand stains on the surface of the spring), and also spray some soapy water on the buffer block to lubricate (sufficient lubrication will make it easier for the spring to enter and calibrate). After installation, clean the soapy water thoroughly. Prevent car safety parts-shock-absorbing springs from rusting and breaking, causing human injury;
⒋ Install the buffer block in the middle of the spring (please refer to the installation techniques described later). After installing each wheel, put down the car body and confirm that the spring is in the upper and lower slots of the buffer block.