Installation principle for the stop of the Volkswagen strut bump stop

- Oct 15, 2018-

The stop of the Volkswagen pillar collision is actually a tetragonal body of pure rubber, the main role is to absorb shock. In the actual construction process, the arrangement of the mass pillar collision stop is mainly related to the structural form of the vehicle. The principle is that it is convenient to transmit the reaction force of the support, and the rubber block can fully adapt to the free deformation of the beam body.


That is to say, if the superstructure is a space structure, the mass strut collision stop should be able to adapt to the deformation in both directions at the same time; at the same time, the mass strut collision stop must be able to reliably transmit the vertical and horizontal reaction forces; The resulting longitudinal displacement, lateral displacement, and longitudinal and constant angles should be as unconstrained as possible.


In addition, the stop of the Volkswagen pillar collision should be set in a place with a large block reaction force, so as to better play its damping effect, ensure the safety of vehicles and personnel, and also better extend the vehicle. The service life.