Introduction to the use of shock absorber buffer for Toyota

- Nov 20, 2018-

In fact, many car owners do not know what the specific role of the shock absorber buffer for Toyota is, and do not understand the installation position and application effect. In fact, after installing the Toyota shock absorber buffer, it can first protect the car spring well, avoid the oil seal leakage of the shock absorber core, and prolong the service life of the shock absorber by more than 2 times.


There is also a situation in which the car spring has been shown to be weak, and the installation of the Toyota shock absorber buffer can also achieve very obvious results. In the face of rugged road conditions, there is no more violent bumps. It is safe to cross the sharp turn, the grip is stronger, the braking distance is shortened, the rear seat is no longer swaying, the bottoming phenomenon of the chassis is obviously reduced, and the car body rises by 2~3cm. The height of the body, the shock absorber no longer emits harsh noise, and can regain the comfort of driving.


Usually we install the shock absorber buffer for Toyota in the middle of the spring. It is recommended that all four shock absorbers be installed together to maintain an excellent balance of the vehicle and better distribute the pressure before and after.