Machine characteristics and compliance principles of Auto Rubber Buffer For BMW

- Apr 23, 2019-

Auto Rubber Buffer For BMW are used in the joint surface of rubber and metal to effectively avoid structures that may cause stress concentration and replace the acute angle with rounded corners. In practical applications, the maximum stress of the BMW rubber bumper block occurs on the rubber bonding surface, so when checking the strength, the allowable stress of the rubber itself should be considered.


In the selection of BMW rubber cushions, it is also considered to avoid the rubber from working in the tension state for a long time. The deformation of the rubber should be controlled within the permissible percentage range according to the thickness. The main performance parameters of rubber cushions are stiffness and damping. According to the different speed of loading force, it is divided into three types: static stiffness, dynamic stiffness and impact stiffness. The three stiffnesses of the rubber cushion are different. It should be pointed out that the temperature has a great influence on the stiffness of the rubber cushion, the temperature is lowered, the stiffness is increased, the temperature is increased, and the rigidity is reduced.


BMW machine rubber buffer block machine characteristics, vibration strength, disturbance frequency and environmental requirements and other factors, try to use less vibration process and equipment, determine the location of the rubber cushion, and use it reasonably.


The main principles of BMW rubber cushions


1. It is important to understand the vibration characteristics of the machine and the possible consequences.


2. Reasonable use of shock absorption measures such as rubber cushions.


3. The rigidity and weight of the machine frame should ensure the normal operation of the equipment and reduce wear.


4. The machine foundation should be independent and separate or seamed from other machine foundations and foundations.


5. Try to use equipment with less vibration or equipment with higher driving frequency to improve the shock absorption effect.


6. The rubber cushion is placed on the plane so that the center of its stiffness is on the same vertical line as the center of gravity of the damping system.