Maintenance method of shock absorber bumper

- Aug 30, 2018-

In order to maintain the ride smoothness of the frame and the body, it is usually equipped with a shock absorber bumper on the car suspension system. The shock absorber bumper is a fragile accessory during the use of the car. The shock absorber works well and will directly affect the stability of the car and the life of other parts. Therefore, we should keep the bumper bumper in good working condition. .


So, how should we carry out maintenance and inspection on a daily basis? We can make the car stop after driving for 10km under the condition of poor road surface condition, and touch the shock absorber casing by hand. If it is not hot enough, there is no resistance inside the shock absorber bumper, and the shock absorber does not work. At this time, the appropriate lubricating oil can be added, and then the test is carried out. If the outer casing is heated, the oil is inside the shock absorber, and the oil should be added. Otherwise, the shock absorber is invalid.


In addition, if the car produces two or three jumps in the case of pressing the bumper bumper and then releasing it, then the shock absorber works well. If the car is in an emergency braking during slow driving, if the car vibration is severe, the shock absorber has a problem.