Material, installation position and function of the rear bump stop for VW

- Sep 04, 2018-

The rear bump stop for VW consists of rubber blocks, steel plates, bolts, etc. It is a device that can limit the maximum deformation of the suspension. Its existence not only effectively reduces the direct impact of the axle on the frame or the body, but also prevents the elastic components. Excessive deformation.


Most of the mass rear collision stops are made of porous polyurethane material, and rubber materials are gradually being replaced. The porous mass rear collision stop made of polyurethane material has the advantages that the following rubbers cannot replace, including the small mass, about 1/2 deformation of the rubber buffer block of the same size, and good nonlinear characteristics.


The rear bump stop for VW is stopped between the body and the shock absorber. There is a bearing in the middle to cushion the impact of the wheel on the body and help to achieve steering. After a long period of use, Volkswagen's rear collision stop also needs to be replaced. When replacing, first remove the tire, then loosen the bolt between the shock absorber and the body, remove the shock absorber; then use special tools to press Tight the spring, remove the old Volkswagen rear collision stop, replace the new one.