Material properties of the suspension rubber buffer rear axle

- Apr 30, 2019-

The suspension rubber buffer rear axle used for damping purposes in the rear axle of the suspension rubber buffer is generally divided into five types, namely NR, SBR, BR are ordinary rubber materials; NBR is used for oil resistant vulcanizate; CR is used for weather resistant vulcanizate; IIR is used for High damping vulcanizate; EPR is used for heat resistant vulcanizates.


Although NR has a small loss factor, it has the best comprehensive performance, excellent elasticity, good fatigue resistance, low heat generation, low creep, good adhesion to metal parts, cold resistance, electrical insulation and processing properties. Therefore, NR is widely used for shock absorbing purposes; when it is required to withstand low temperature or weather resistance, it can be modified with BR or CR or blended.


EPDM has received extensive attention in recent years due to its excellent weather resistance, ozone aging resistance, electrical insulation, heat resistance and cold resistance. By using EPDM with high molecular weight and EPDM with low molecular weight, a new type of heat-resistant damping rubber material was developed to make the suspension rubber buffer rear axle.


The test proves that the shock absorption performance is the same as that of NR, but its heat resistance and low temperature flexibility are better than other rubbers such as NR; it has good heat resistance, and the material is still very good after 190 ° C × 5 h heat aging. Interlaminar adhesion properties.