Mazda front bumper spring compression performance and other knowledge introduction

- Sep 17, 2018-

The Mazda front bumper spring was applied to the Mazda car shock absorber. At this time, we actually need to actually understand its compression performance. For the damper with a coil spring for passenger cars, the Mazda front bumper spring above it will actually play the first stage of damping, which will play a good role in preventing external shocks from directly affecting Above the vibrator, this amount can extend the life of the damper.


The Mazda front bumper spring utilizes the superior wear resistance and flexural resistance of the polyurethane material itself, as well as its relatively good and outstanding chemical resistance, which can be used with a small compression set, so it The higher resilience exhibited by itself is difficult to compare with other polymer materials.


With the increasing frequency of international exchanges, there are still more new materials that will continue to be used in the field of polyurethane. In this case, the emergence of Mazda's front bumper spring not only drives the development of the auto parts industry, that is, it will Directly, it has driven the development of various industries. The combination of emerging polymer materials and Mazda's front bumper springs will become more prominent.