Mazda front bumper spring protection function and welding requirements

- May 21, 2019-

The Mazda front bumper spring is a safety device that absorbs and mitigates external impact and protects the front and rear of the body to a certain extent. Many years ago, the front and rear bumpers of the car were stamped into steel with steel plates, riveted or welded together with the frame rails, and had a large gap with the body, which looked very unattractive. With the development of the automotive industry and the extensive application of engineering plastics in the automotive industry, automotive bumpers have also entered the path of innovation as an important safety device.


In addition to maintaining the original protective function, the Mazda front bumper spring also pursues harmony and unity with the car body shape, and pursues its own lightweight. The front and rear bumpers of the car are made of plastic and are known as plastic bumpers. The plastic bumper of a general automobile is composed of an outer panel, a cushioning material and a beam. The outer plate and the cushioning material are made of plastic, and the beam is punched with a cold-rolled sheet into a U-shaped groove; the outer plate and the cushioning material are attached to the beam.


Mazda's front bumper spring protects the corner of the bumper. The erected mark is the indicator column. Some company products also have the type of automatic expansion and contraction with the motor drive. This kind of corner indicating column can correctly confirm the position of the bumper corner, prevent the damage of the bumper, improve the driving technique, and often easily scratch the bumper. It is best to put a try. With this corner marking column, it is very convenient to correctly judge the position of the bumper in the driver's seat.