Misunderstanding and doubt about the function of the Rear Shocks Stop of the car

- Apr 01, 2019-

The Rear Shocks Stop is a high-elasticity and high-toughness rubber product, which is a car modification accessory. It is used to install the coil spring of the car suspension system, mainly to cushion the shock absorber and protect the shock absorber. Many people don't understand or even misunderstand the role of car buffer blocks.


First of all, if it is a weak spring, the body will drop very low whenever it is pressed, then the spring can be supported and relieved by the installation of the rear impact stop. This can be understood as the height of the vehicle. Usually 0.2-0.3 cm or more, depending on the spring spacing and the degree of spring weakness.


However, if it is a new spring, it is normal and impossible to raise the height of the vehicle, unless the installed rear impact stop specification is greater than the spring spacing, and a certain spring is forced up by the buffer block. correct. Therefore, be sure to select the rear impact stop model that matches the spring spacing.


It needs to be clear that the rear impact stop is not a silencer. However, it is important to agree that the rear impact stop can indeed reduce the noise to a certain extent. For the most part, the rear impact stop can improve the load of the car is also a big misunderstanding. After the installation of the rear impact stop, the cushioning rubber plays a supporting and relieving role in the middle of the spring. When the same weight of cargo is loaded, the car body will not be pressed so low. In other words, the load can be limitedly increased before the rear impact stops and is not damaged. ability.