Performance characteristics of rear shock absorber bump stop

- Jan 14, 2019-

The rear shock absorber bump stop is an important part of the car vibration damping system. The shock absorbing system is mainly composed of a shock absorber and a shock absorbing spring. The shock absorber is mainly used to suppress the shock when the spring is rebounded after shock absorption and the impact from the road surface. When passing through an uneven road surface, the shock absorbing spring can filter the vibration of the road surface, and the spring itself has a reciprocating motion, and the damper suppresses the shock absorbing spring to jump.


In order to achieve the desired shock absorption effect, the structural design of the rear shock absorber bump stop needs to be considered comprehensively. If the damper is too soft, the body will jump up and down. If the damper is too hard, it will cause too much resistance and prevent the spring from working normally. Moreover, the shock absorber is a fragile accessory in the process of using the automobile. The shock absorber works well and will directly affect the stability of the vehicle and the life of other parts. Therefore, the shock absorber should always be in good working condition.


That is to say, in the shock absorbing system, the rear shock absorber bump stop and the shock absorbing spring cooperate with each other, thereby reducing the loss of the automobile mechanism, and at the same time facilitating the comfortable driving of the human body, thereby avoiding the body damage and fatigue to the human body. The negative consequences of driving.