Performance characteristics of suspension spring bumper Toyota

- Sep 13, 2018-

The processing method of suspension spring bumper Toyota is relatively simple and convenient, and it can realize the production of automation and continuous. In the production process of the cast type Toyota suspension spring bumper, the raw materials are all liquid, they are metered, mixed and reacted under the liquid state until they are poured into the mold, which is very beneficial for mechanized continuous production. .


Among the currently known suspension spring bumper Toyota, the cast polyurethane material is also the best in wear resistance. According to the laboratory's determination of its abrasion performance, it actually shows 3-5 times that of ordinary natural rubber. If it has wet wear of certain liquid, its wear resistance is even higher than ordinary rubber. 10 times.


The high wear resistance of the Toyota suspension spring bumper can be used not only as a general rubber but also as a wear-resistant component, and at the same time it will replace traditional metal materials to a large extent. At this time, it will have better wear resistance, cushioning, impact resistance, fatigue resistance and corrosion resistance. At the same time, when it is actually used, its low noise and other performance is a supplement of traditional metal. .


Toyota suspension spring bumper also has excellent mechanical and mechanical properties. Its tensile strength is generally greater than 40Mps; tear resistance is generally much higher than ordinary rubber materials, and it is resistant to oil. Performance is also superior.