Polyurethane buffer for Honda safety protection device and insulation performance

- May 28, 2019-

Polyurethane buffer for Honda is one of the safety devices when it is used, and it can be applied in a wide range. It can be used as a safety device for cranes, hoists, elevators, machinery transportation to the end, and can also be used for anti-collision of various cars and vans. Honda's polyurethane buffer block products not only absorb a large amount of impact properties, but also have high impact elasticity and good compressive recovery.


Honda's polyurethane buffer blocks have many excellent properties, including high mechanical strength, good insulation, explosion resistance, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, cold resistance, oil resistance and aging resistance. Compared with rubber-type, spring-loaded and hydraulic buffers currently used in China, polyurethane buffers not only have superior cushioning performance, but also have small specific gravity, simple structure, low cost and convenient installation and maintenance.


Honda's polyurethane buffer block has a better impact and compression resistance and a longer service life than rubber-type bumpers when used. Compared with the spring-loaded buffer, the equivalent buffer capacity, the weight of the polyurethane buffer is 1/10 of the weight of the spring-loaded buffer, and the price is 1/3 of the spring-loaded buffer, which greatly saves steel and simplifies the production process. Compared with the hydraulic buffer, it is superior, eliminating a variety of hydraulic components, complicated oil passages, etc., avoiding the troubles such as oil leakage, saving the maintenance workers a burden, saving money, and obtaining greater economic benefits for the user.