Precautions for AUDI A4 shock bump stop rear gear installation

- Sep 11, 2018-

Audi A4 shock bump stop rear should be used for regular inspection when it is used, and should be avoided under low temperature or humidity conditions; it can not be used under strong acid and alkali conditions to ensure Audi A4 shockproof bump The integrity of the rear gear.


When installing and replacing the Audi A4 shock bump stop rear, you should refer to the instruction manual and the icon; install it in the Audi A4 shock bump and back bump and the rear end of the rear center should be straight at the center of the motion direction, and should not be tilted for placement; Audi A4 shock bump back-to-back buffer should use the same diameter of the buffer, the longitudinal length of the bumper should be as consistent as possible.


Audi A4 shock bump stop rear when installing, there should be a certain space around, so as not to collide with other constructions, etc.; in addition, should store the Audi A4 anti-shock bump in the normal temperature state, the rear block is placed in a ventilated and dry place; When the material of the Audi A4 shock-proof bump backstop is found to be dry and peeled off, it should be replaced in time.