Principle of placement of Front Bumper Spring

- Apr 04, 2019-

The Front Bumper Spring is mainly a vulcanized and bonded multi-layer rubber sheet to form a common rubber bearing type product. This product has sufficient vertical rigidity and can reliably transmit the reaction force of the upper structure of the support to the abutment. The support has good elasticity; and has a large shear deformation capability to satisfy the horizontal displacement of the upper structure.


The arrangement of the front bumper spring is mainly related to the structure of the automobile. When the upper structure is a space structure, the front bumper spring should be able to adapt to both the X and Y directions; it must be able to reliably transmit the vertical and horizontal reaction forces; The longitudinal displacement, lateral displacement and longitudinal and constant angles produced by the deformation should be as unconstrained as possible.


The front bumper spring should be placed in a place with a large block reaction force; in short, the front bumper spring is arranged to facilitate the transmission of the seat reaction force, and the rubber block can fully adapt to the free deformation front bumper. Spring installation.