Product characteristics analysis of front bumper spring for Honda

- Jun 17, 2019-

Front bumper springs for Honda are unrestricted in shape and have a small modulus of elasticity for greater elastic deformation. At the same time, he has a high internal resistance and has a good absorption effect on sudden shock and high frequency vibration. Honda's front bumper springs can withstand multi-directional loads and are easy to install and disassemble for maintenance and service.


The elastic coefficient of Honda's front bumper spring is much smaller than that of metal, and varies with a large range of hardness. Therefore, changing the rubber hardness can make the spring obtain different stiffness, that is, the rubber spring of the same shape, and the rigidity can also be selected within a certain range. Therefore, changing the internal structure of the spring (changing the size of its center hole, etc.) can also change the stiffness of the spring.


Honda's front bumper springs have much greater internal friction damping than metal springs. Therefore, when the rubber spring vibrating screen starts to stop through the resonance zone, the amplitude is much smaller than that of the helical spring vibrating screen. Therefore, the near-resonance vibration machine using a rubber spring has a relatively stable amplitude, but consumes more energy than a metal spring.