Product description of suspension rubber buffer

- Apr 29, 2019-

The suspension rubber buffer includes a rubber spring and a composite rubber spring. The rubber spring is a kind of high elasticity. The material is made of ordinary rubber. Its elastic modulus is small, and it has large elastic deformation after being loaded, so as to absorb shock and vibration. It can be subjected to multi-directional loads at the same time, but its high temperature resistance and oil resistance are worse than steel springs. It can be made of oil resistant rubber if it has special requirements.


The suspension rubber buffer block has good vibration damping effect, small resonance field, long service life, low cost, good cold resistance, excellent air tightness, waterproofness and electrical insulation, and is the best choice for vibration reduction. The composite rubber spring is composed of a metal coil spring and a high-quality vulcanized rubber wrapped around it, which overcomes the disadvantages of large rigidity of the metal spring, high working noise, small bearing weight of the rubber spring, and poor stability of shape and mechanical properties. It has the advantages of higher load capacity and large deformation, better damping and noise reduction, stable operation and short resonance interval.


The rubber spring shape of the suspension rubber buffer block is not limited, and has large elastic deformation, which is easy to achieve nonlinear requirements, and has good vibration damping effect. The suspension rubber buffer blocks of different materials have different application ranges. Rubber springs are used in industrial machinery such as vibration machinery, double-decker buses, trucks, etc. Rubber springs are commonly used in mechanical equipment, vehicle traveling mechanisms and suspensions to reduce vibration and Buffering effect. Rubber springs can also be designed in a variety of configurations depending on the job.