Protective effect of front bumper spring for Chevrolet Lacetti

- Sep 20, 2018-

The front bumper spring for Chevrolet Lacetti is assembled on the front end of the car body. When subjected to an external impact, the impact plate acts by the impact force, and the movable plate will move toward the car body. The compressed spring transmits the impulse to the fixed plate, and then transmits the momentum through the fixed plate. To the car body. In this process, the impact force can be buffered to reduce the effect of external impact force on the vehicle body.


In other words, the front bumper spring for Chevrolet Lacetti can protect the car body from impact damage or reduce its damage. In the structure of such a car bumper, a cushion spring device is disposed, which is characterized in that it has a movable plate in which a plurality of vertical guide rods are fixedly disposed inside.


The movable plate is provided with a fixing plate with a guiding hole for the guiding rod, and a front bumper spring for Chevrolet Lacetti is arranged on the guiding rod between the movable plate and the fixed plate, and the guiding rod end is arranged on the inner side of the fixed plate There are lock nuts. This component can play a role of buffering and reducing force when the vehicle body encounters an impact, and has better protection.