Rear shock bump stop assembly structure and function

- Sep 03, 2018-

During the driving process of the car, the shock absorber buffer block is mainly capable of buffering and reducing the impact of the impact. In the buffer period, the rear suspension bump is an important component in the structural assembly. Usually, a pipe groove is provided between the upper support and the buffer block, and a trapezoidal groove is provided at the lower end of the upper support.


That is to say, a trapezoidal rear shock bump stop is disposed at the upper end of the buffer block, and is generally located in the trapezoidal convex groove. At the two ends of the upper support, a first rectangular convex groove is disposed, and the first rectangular convex block is disposed at both ends of the buffer block. Its use will help to extend the life of the shock absorber and greatly improve the cushioning effect.


After the completion of the assembly of the suspension bumps, the vibration of the vehicle body can be significantly reduced, and the driving comfort is improved. Moreover, vibration noise can be reduced, and the impact of vibration on the vehicle body can be reduced. Improve the driving experience. More importantly, in this way, the function of the buffer block can be fully utilized to improve safety.