Rear shock bump stop bring benefits to the vehicle

- May 07, 2019-

The use of the Rear shock bump stop not only effectively solves the problem of the shock absorber spring weakness, but also restores the performance of the shock absorber; and it adopts the cushioning principle, the shock absorption performance is obviously improved, and the comfort of the Mercedes-Benz is enjoyed; the shock absorber and the suspension system are protected. , to avoid oil leakage of the shock absorber core;


The test results show that the rear suspension bump can extend the life of the shock absorber by more than 2 times; at the same time, it can reduce the noise during the running of the vehicle; the car body can be raised by 35cm, the original height of the car body can be restored, and the speed through the deceleration path can be improved. Stability; shorten brake distance, improve safety; reduce fatigue after long-distance driving.


The rear suspension bumps are easy to install and do not loosen any screws on the vehicle; its unique design improves the balance of the frame and the environment, significantly reduces the noise in the form and effectively increases the load of the car. The rear suspension bump is the necessary protection device for the car to reach the limit position or collide. It can quickly convert the impact kinetic energy into elastic potential energy. It has strong hardness, good elasticity, large capacity, fast recovery, no noise, no resistance. High and low temperature, anti-aging and so on.