Reasons for choosing a shock absorber rubber bumper

- Feb 21, 2019-

Nowadays, the shock absorber rubber bumpers of many models are made of rubber. It should be known that the previous car shells are made of metal. Why should this car parts be rubber? In fact, the rubber bumpers of the front and rear shock absorbers of the automobile were mainly made of metal materials. They were generally stamped from steel plates and riveted or welded together with the frame rails, but there were some drawbacks.
With the development of research on polymer materials, automobile lightweight has become the mainstream of the development of the automotive industry. Compared with metal materials, polymer materials have the characteristics of high specific strength, which fully meets the requirements of people for light weight. In addition, in the decorative use, it can be naturally integrated with the car body, so the shock absorber rubber bumper is so popular.
Not only that, but the shock absorber rubber bumper not only saves manufacturing costs, but also has lower requirements on the industrial level and is easier to produce; it is more elastic than metal and better absorbs impact, that is, if it is small and small In this case, the shock absorber rubber bumper can automatically rebound and automatically repair.