Reliability Analysis of Audi A4 Shockproof Bump Backstop

- Jan 15, 2019-

In general, the reliability of the Audi A4 shock bump backstop has a very important impact on the car. Therefore, it is necessary to pay special attention to the reliability of the structural design process. Structurally speaking, the shock absorber and the inner and outer phase sleeves of the shock absorbing spring constitute a shock absorbing system. When working, the shock absorber is relatively stationary, and the shock absorbing spring moves up and down under the restraint of the shock absorber to achieve a buffering effect.


The Audi A4 shock-proof bump backstop will be subjected to different forces during work, and in real life, the force will be constant and sometimes change. The anti-vibration bump back gear can be designed in different structural forms. The more common ones are hydraulic shock absorbers, pneumatic shock absorbers, and resistance adjustable shock absorbers.


In the Audi A4 anti-vibration bump back structure, the spring lower seat is welded on the shock absorber for supporting the damping spring. The firmness of the spring lower seat and the shock absorber directly affects the service life of the damping system, so In addition to exploring the shock absorber and the shock absorbing spring itself, the reliability of the system should also consider the strength reliability of the joint.