Rubber bumper for Toyota corolla oil resistance and noise reduction

- May 30, 2019-

Rubber bumper for Toyota corolla is a kind of polyurethane elastomer when it is operated. The polyurethane buffer block can maintain high elasticity and strength, excellent wear resistance, oil resistance and fatigue resistance in a wide range of hardness. It is shock-resistant and has the name of “wear-resistant rubber”.


Toyota Corolla's rubber bumpers have excellent overall performance and are widely used. Polyurethane buffer block is an important component in the buffer device, which can play a role in mitigating impact. It is a widely used technical measure for damping, blocking and safety protection.


Toyota Corolla's rubber bumper reduces noise


First of all, it needs to be clear that the car buffer block is not a silencer. It is not like “lower 80% noise” and “40% noise reduction” as advertised by some merchants. These statements are obviously not scientific and comprehensive. However, it is important to agree that the spot price buffer block can indeed reduce the noise to a certain extent (depending on the specific situation). For example, when some vehicles are carrying heavy loads or driving rough roads, the frictional collision sounds often occur in the suspension system and the surrounding position. When the car buffer block is installed, the problem is solved and some noise around the environment is relatively absorbed. . Or more simply, since the buffer block improves the smoothness and comfort during driving, some of the original related noise will naturally be slightly reduced.