Shock Absorber Buffer for Honda features and product features

- Apr 09, 2019-

Shock Absorber Buffer for Honda has three elliptical holes that effectively dissipate any impact on the shock absorber spring. Therefore, Honda's shock absorber buffers are more powerful than ordinary powerful buffers. What people can obviously feel is to reduce the vibration of the car body and improve the driving comfort.


Honda's shock absorber buffer can also increase the chassis by 2-4cm, reduce the collapse of the car body, prevent the chassis from hanging; the shock absorption performance is significantly improved, so that your car can reach the Mercedes-Benz comfort. At the same time, it also plays a role in suppressing the roll and the tail and shortening the braking distance.


When the Honda damper buffer is installed, the stability of the car through the speed bump, bumpy road and sharp turn is obviously improved, which effectively solves the problem of weak and hard springs and improves the damping performance of the original car. Protection shock absorber, ball head and suspension system, saving maintenance costs; quick installation, no disassembly of any parts, no adverse impact on the original car; wear resistance, oil resistance, cold resistance, impact resistance, aging resistance, water resistance, normal service life 10 More than a year.