Shock absorber buffer for honda standard specifications and main functions

- Dec 04, 2018-

Honda's shock absorber bumper is a high-elasticity and high-toughness rubber product. This kind of accessory belongs to the car modification type. It is mainly used to install the coil spring of the car suspension system during use. It mainly plays a role of buffering shock absorbers and protects the shock absorbers. This function is a physical function.

Honda's shock absorber bumper has an open circular shape with a groove on the top and bottom (to accommodate the coil spring) and two, three or more holes on the side. According to the standard specifications of the spring spacing, the buffer rubber is divided into seven standard models: A+A, A, B, C, D, E, and F. In theory, these seven models can be included in the world's largest part of the spiral spring suspension model.

Shock absorber buffer for honda mainly uses the hydraulic spring damping function. When the car collides instantaneously, its buffer acts as a buffer to reduce the damage caused by the collision between the two cars and improve the safety of the car. Sex. In general, for new cars, the shock absorbers serve to make driving more comfortable.