Shock Absorber Buffer for Toyota process and its selection

- Mar 26, 2019-

When the Shock Absorber Buffer for Toyota is activated, when the piston rod is impacted, the piston rod drives the piston to squeeze the hydraulic oil inside the inner tube. After the hydraulic oil is pressed, the hydraulic pressure is discharged from the orifice of the inner tube, and the hydraulic pressure is discharged. One of the oil is returned to the inner tube through the oil return hole, and the other part is stored in the accumulator.


After the external force disappears, the spring quickly pushes the piston rod to reset, a negative pressure is formed inside the inner tube, the check valve automatically opens, and the hydraulic oil quickly returns to the inner tube through the open check valve, and the buffer returns to the initial state, waiting for the next action. The Toyota Shock Absorber is a smooth stop of moving objects in accordance with the above principle.


With the continuous development of society, and the increasing demand for buffers by consumers. First of all, according to the Toyota shock absorber buffer to choose the most suitable for consumers, do not 'small horse-drawn carts', so the impact is too large, will accelerate the consumption of buffers, and even damage the buffer, can not achieve the purpose of buffering , adding unnecessary costs.


Second, to choose a good business, it is best to have your own brand. Because the technology of such a business is mature, the quality of the product can be reliably guaranteed. Therefore, consumers try their best to choose the brand's hydraulic buffer manufacturers. They have the advantages and technology of all aspects of hydraulic buffers, which is to select high-quality products to meet the various needs of consumers and reduce the cost of use. After-sales service is also an important consideration. Once the product has an objective quality problem, it can be contacted with the manufacturer in time to ensure that it can be replaced and the cost of the product is reduced.