Shock Absorber Bumper structure design considerations

- Jan 03, 2019-

The Shock Absorber Bumper can be designed as a movable bumper that can be moved in one direction. The structural analysis mainly includes a compressed air buffer cylinder fixed on the inner side of the chassis and the longitudinal beam of the frame. There is a piston in the buffer cylinder, and the end of the piston rod is fixedly connected with the movable bumper, and the movable bumper also has a rubber cushion between the screws which can be inserted into the guide sleeve and fixed by the nut and can only move in the same direction of force.


When the Shock Absorber Bumper collides with other objects, the cushion will be able to share a part of the impact force. At this time, the movable bumper pushes the piston to move quickly, and the large elastic force generated when the air in the compressed air buffer cylinder is rapidly compressed is put. Rigid collisions become elastic collisions and can be automatically reversed apart.


In general, from the perspective of improving durability, the structural design of the bumper bumper should consider two major factors: 1. The maximum volumetric compression should be controlled within 30% during structural design; 2, from the formulation design should consider the use of a small permanent deformation rubber formula to improve its durability.